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Fishing-Shooting UK - Terms & Conditions

The term estate refers to the provider of the sporting let and the term client refers to the purchaser of the sporting let. Fishing- Shooting UK will be referred to as F-S.UK

  1. When a booking is made with F-S.UK a booking fee of 5% including VAT of the price advertised is due from the client immediately. The remaining 95% of the price advertised is due to the estate. The estate and the client are responsible for their own contractual arrangements though F-S.UK will facilitate their exchange.
  2. The particulars of the listings will show whether Value Added Tax at the current rate has been included or not.
  3. If an estate wishes F-S.UK to collect the remaining 95% of the monies due particularly useful where there are less than five working days until the let. There will be a 2.25% inc VAT collection charge for Visa, Access, Switch, Connect or Cash and a 4.75 % inc VAT collection charge for American Express and Diners Card.
  4. Booking fees are based on 5% including VAT from both the estate and the client unless otherwise stated.
  5. In the event of an estate or a client cancelling a booking or failing to implement their contract. F-S.UK will be under no obligation to refund the booking fee. Clients are responsible as they see fit for effecting insurance against cancellation by them due to circumstances beyond their control.
  6. Estates must provide as many details as possible of the let to F-S.UK and any contracts pertaining to it so that the client has all the information that they may need.
  7. F-S.UK will act only as a booking agent and not as a principle in any contract on any sporting let. It will not accept any liability to the estate, the client or any other third party for any damage to weapons, property, inconvenience, delay, illness, injury or loss howsoever caused.
  8. Any contract with F-S.UK is governed by English law.
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